Brace Yourself For What’s About To Come

Brace Yourself For What’s About To Come

The world has two sides, the side that’s all sunshine and rainbows, warmth everywhere, not to mention people singing, and then there is the other darker side, where it’s gloomy and constantly raining and people are beating each other up with no end in sight. Of course I would describe two complete opposites because there’s rarely an in between with these kind of things. What is ironic is that it’s very hard to get to that higher state of mind where you can be truly happy with yourself and others around you, but it’s so easy to fall into darkness and depression and every other negative aspect of life. Plus, when a person decides to go backwards and not forward, the situation will only get worse and there’s an unlikely chance that it will improve. And this is because once a person is consumed by darkness; it’s extremely difficult to snap out of it and swim back up for air and to breathe in clean, healthy air. This is because each time they try to move their legs to swim up, there’s always something or someone pulling them down so you’re unable to make it.

Just let that sink in. The world has so many different types of people that exist and they’re all unique in their own way, but some are just too much to handle. It seems like there are some people who feel like they’ve been created to make other people’s lives a living hell – no second thought about that. But of course it only gets worse because people are filthy rich think that they’re ‘it’ and everyone else is insignificant which is discriminating on so many levels. Plus, they have their own group of friends who are famously known as their ‘minions’ who will do whatever they’re asked to do, no question nothing.   One thing that’s also become very apparent is that whenever someone obviously has a lot of money (because they throw it around like its nothing) there’s an endless amount of people beside you ready to do anything – but if you don’t have anything there’s no one to defend you against the others who make endless fun out of you. Dealing with money is a very risky affair as people have to deal with tax loans and not getting into debt.

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Everyone needs to be more careful with how they spend and control themselves from temptation, because there will be unavoidable circumstances if they don’t.

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